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Tyria is a continent in the world of Guild Wars 2, which is also named Tyria.

The continent has undergone significant changes geographically since the original games. It is unknown whether all of the regions of Tyria will still exist or have the same names in Guild Wars 2.



While the continent of Tyria will be the only playable area at launch for Guild Wars 2 Erik Flannum of Arena Net stated "I think it is safe to assume that we will be hearing more from both Cantha and Elona in the future."

Tyria: AscalonShiverpeak MountainsKrytaOrrMaguuma JungleTarnished CoastDepths of TyriaCharr HomelandsCrystal DesertRing of Fire Islands

Major Bodies of Water

  • The Unending Ocean.
  • The Clashing Sea.
  • The Sea of Sorrows, formerly known as Bay of Sirens.

2012 February Tyria map

Colored map version

Area Regions

Lion's Arch
Plan of Ashland

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