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Professions, the different categories of which classifies the guild wars 2 world of races.

List Edit

  • Elementalist, a spell caster that would rather burn, freeze, or use a mage spell that suits them to those that make them angry.
  • Engineer, a range class, that fixes broken things.
  • Warrior, a class of those people who love to run around with an axe, sword, gun, or any other melee weapon.
  • Ranger, a class that loves their animals and prefers to protect their nature.
  • Necromancer, a class that love their undead and the stillness and stench that surrounds them.
  • Guardian, a class of those that also uses melee weapon like the Warrior; However, they guard things and/or people that are sacred to them.
  • Thief, a class of those that steal, etc.
  • Mesmer, a class that likes to send fantasies to your mind.

Notes Edit

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