Until the Exodus, Orr was considered holy land by all, as its capital city, Arah, was inhabited by the gods. When the gods left Orr, its citizens and armies guarded Arah, hoping only to be rewarded by the gods. However, as the Guild Wars broke out, Orr was forced to mobilize its army to stop armed Guild conflict in the streets of Arah. Soon after, Kryta and Ascalon did the same, and all-out war ensued.

While the human kingdoms were fighting one another, the Charr swept down from the north, leaving Ascalon in ruins, and its citizens clinging on by a thread (one that would be severed in the upcoming century), and splitting up to fight Orr and Kryta. Orr was ready to fight the Charr, and believed that they could protect their kingdom and the holy city. In less than 12 hours, the majority of the Orrian army had fallen, and the Charr had almost reached Arah. The adviser to the king, Vizier Khilbron, who was tricked by Terick, a secret servant of the fallen god Abaddon, took matters into his own hands and read out a scroll, repeating an incantation from a time before the Bloodstones, a time when all four schools of magic could all be wielded at once by one person.

Orr was destroyed. Any living creature in range of the blast was killed instantly. The black cloud that engulfed the kingdom concealed the true extent of the damage for weeks. When the smoke finally cleared, onlookers found that the entire peninsula had sunk, leaving only a scattering a small islands in its place. The only creatures left were the wandering dead...those who had been killed so fast that they did not even realize that they had died. This event came to known as The Cataclysm. The armies of undead later plagued lands of Tyria under the command of Vizier Khilborn, who was also transformed into an evil Lich Lord.

The Kingdom of Orr sat on the seabed for over a hundred years, while on the surface, corsair expeditions plundered Orrian gold and artifacts. Then one day, without warning, Orr returned.

Beneath the waves of the Sea of Sorrows awoke an ancient and terrible dragon more powerful than anything Tyria has ever seen before. Orr rose to the surface, flooding Kryta, the Tarnished Coast, and even parts of Elona. The corsairs harbored in the islands were sunk, only to be brought back to the surface as a terrifying undead navy. The undead dragon now rules over Arah and the Strait of Malchor with an iron claw, cutting off contact with Cantha entirely.

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