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The citizens of the Ascalon kingdom have lost their homeland to the Charr and have been pushed west and south. The Great Northern Wall fell, and Ascalon City,the capital of Ascalon lies in ruins. The royal line of Adelbern, ended with the death of Prince Rurik. The only remaining fortress,Ebonhawke lies at the Blazeridge Mountains and relies on supplies from Kryta by an Asura Gate.

At the moment,the Charr control most of the Ascalon kingdom,but one of exceptions is the Ascalon City. In the last battle of Ascalon City,King Adelbern used the power of his magic sword, Magdaer which made the dead and defeated Ascalonian guard arose once more and the Charr were forced to abandon the city.

Since that time, these undead soldiers are guarding the ruins of Ascalon City and the eastern frontier. They resist the Charr, but do not communicate with living soldiers from Ebonhawke,they are only spirits mindlessly defending the city at all costs.


This Kingdom was also nearly destroyed by The Searinga long time ago.

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